When do we return the tuxedos after the prom or wedding?
On weekdays we request you return tuxedos the following day. On weekends we require they be back the following Monday. There is a $10.00 late charge per day.

Do you offer wedding specials?
With the rental of six tuxedos the grooms tux is no charge. With each group of six additional tuxedos another one is free. We occasionally have additional savings offered at bridal fairs in January. Check the web site under "How to Save" for more savings!!!

Do you require a deposit when tuxedos are reserved?
During Prom Season we ask for a $20.00 deposit which is then applied to your rental at time of pick up.

Who should pay for the wedding party tuxedos, the groom, the individual men or the bride?
There used to be hard fast rules as to who pays for what when it comes to wedding expenses. Today, however, couples divide the expenses in a way that is agreeable to everyone. Often times, the groom or his family will pay for all of the tuxedos. Occasionally they will pay for those men that have had to come from long distances. More often than not each individual will pay for his own rental. First and foremost, it is VERY important that you have let them know that they do have a financial responsibility if they agree to be in your wedding. If they are not told, it causes embarrassing situations when they are caught by surprise at time of pick up.

We have provided answers to common questions we receive.

How much are your tuxedos?
The price of your tuxedo depends on the style of coat and the accessories you have selected. Our basic classic tuxedo starts at $69.50 which includes our classic one-button coat, pants, pleated front white shirt, black wool vest, tie, shoes, and links and studs. Designer coats are more expensive. Extra expenses also include fancy or fullback vests and upgrades on shoe or shirt style.

Is the long tie too informal for a wedding?
If a wedding is considered more contemporary than traditional you have more freedom of choice. If you feel better and like the look of a long tie there is no reason not to choose it.

When can you pick up your tuxedos for your wedding?
Most weddings are Saturday events; therefore we have the tuxedos ready for pick-up on Friday. At that point we will have everyone try on the tuxedos in the store and do minor alterations at that point. If we have to switch sizes or do extensive alterations you can come back that day or on Saturday. If the wedding is during the week we will have the tuxedos ready the day before.

How soon do we need to get our wedding party measurements?
One month before the wedding is ideal. It is always best for you to call and see whose measurements we are missing a couple of weeks before the wedding. If you should add someone the last minute or have to switch someone out, remember we stock all of our own tuxedos and can easily handle the change.

What do we do when part of the wedding party is out of town?
Upon booking the wedding, a file card is set up with all members of the wedding party. For out of town guests, each person go to a formalwear store near them, get measured, then send the measurements to us via e-mail, online measurement card, fax, or phone.

What attire is appropriate for morning, afternoon and evening weddings?
Traditionally, appropriate attire for formal weddings before 6:00 p.m. would be the gray cutaway or stroller with solid or striped pants. For ultra-formal weddings after 6:00 p.m., we would suggest tails for the groom and/or the entire wedding party. For informal daytime weddings and other evening times, the groom has a vast selection of styles from which to choose. We have one, two, three, and five button coats, and an array of colored vests and matching ties. Please see the section What, When, Where for further advice.

Hopefully your question is answered here. If not, be sure to contact us, we will be glad to help you.